Mommy’s Son! Melania Trump Opens Up About Her Approach Towards Raising Her Only Child, Son Barron

Date March 6, 2019

Not many people know this, but Melania Trump is actually a doting mother. No matter what is happening in her life, her only child, son Barron, always comes first.


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The First Lady revealed that she doesn’t have a nanny and she takes full responsibility for raising her son.

But what kind of parenting approach does she take?

During a very recent town hall meeting in Las Vegas dedicated to the opioid crisis, the US First Lady shared about her parenting approach towards raising her only child. She revealed that she teaches him the right values from a very young age.


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Melania claimed that she tells her 12-year-old son about the dangerous effects of using drugs. She said:

I teach him, I try to explain how drugs are dangerous and how they will mess up your head, mess up your body and nothing positive comes of it.


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The meeting’s host, Eric Bolling, whose son passed away due to an opioid overdose, asked Trump at what age parents should start conversations with their kids about the dangers of drugs, to which the First Lady answered that she recommends starting doing the talk at 8 years old.


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Considering that many celebrity kids went down the road of drug or alcohol abuse, it’s pretty wise from Melania’s side to teach her child from the young age what drugs can actually to do a human’s body.


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Previously, Donald Trump also insisted that he urges all of his children to lead a healthy lifestyle without drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. He says that if you start then it’s very hard to “get off". And that’s the statement that we can all agree with.

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