Sarah Ferguson Claims She’s Been Brutally Criticized Because Of Her Looks And 'Colorful' Character


February 7, 2019 17:54 By Fabiosa

Nobody likes to be slammed, especially if the criticism is far from constructive. Duchess of York, as well as her two daughters, are amongst those people who have become the victims of such unfair verbal cruelty.


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Fergie revealed that she has been brutally bullied on social media, which is ‘soul-destroying’ for her. But why she has been criticized so much?

The Duchess talks about cyberbullying

Prince Andrew’s ex-wife spoke out about the topic that is so close to her heart. Cyberbullying is something she has been dealing with since she has become a public figure.


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But what has she been criticized for? Apparently, some people just don’t like red hair or fiery character. Fergie revealed that she has been attacked on social media because of her ‘colorful personality’ and hair color.

I find it really frightening. I find the whole of this social media bullying, really frightening. For myself, let alone for my girls Beatrice and Eugenie.


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However, Fergie offered some words of reassurance, saying that people, who suffer from online bullying, should never give up.

If you are red-headed and full of life, like me, and full of colour, of course everyone is sometimes going to have a jab at you. And you get up, you get on and you never give up. That’s what I’ve done.


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Ferguson’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice, has previously talked about this issue, too. She shared that her mom has been her role model and helped her to get through a difficult time, saying:

She has been through a lot. When you see role models who are continually put in very challenging situations and can support you, then some of the tools that I have had from her I would like to share.


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Beatrice believes that no matter what people say, it is important to welcome their words with a sense of humor, even if it’s hard. Good advice!

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