Disgusting! 81-Year-Old Man Offered A Woman $200,000 To Buy Her 8-Year-Old Daughter At Walmart

Date October 3, 2018 12:40

One mother was left in complete shock and disgust after an old man offered her money to buy her daughter.

Police report that Tracy Nigh was sitting with her 8-year-old daughter on a bench inside the Port Orange Walmart when a man approached them and asked if she was married. After that he began bidding on a little girl, offering $200,000 to buy her.

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When Nigh got up to leave, the man grabbed her daughter and kissed the girl's wrist. The terrified mother left with her child and warned the store’s security.

The shocking encounter was caught on camera. The man is identified as 81-year-old Hellmuth Kolb. He was found through his credit card transaction and social media.

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Nigh turned to Facebook to alert other parents about Kolb. When the man’s description appeared on social media, another woman told the police she had a similar incident a month ago involving a man, who looked like him.

People reacted on social media

Hellmuth Kolb was charged with simple battery and false imprisonment and is under arrest. He told the police he couldn’t remember grabbing the girl. Police are looking for other similar incidents he was involved in.

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