Michael Douglas On How Cancer Has Drastically Changed His Marriage With Catherine Zeta-Jones

Date February 6, 2019

Michael Douglas has survived what can be called the biggest battle of his life. In 2010, the legendary actor was diagnosed with throat cancer and had to go through a grueling treatment, which included radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


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That dark time took an emotional toll on his relationship with his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who later shared that she feared she wouldn’t be able to cope with everything. But the couple went through it together with the help of family and friends and Douglas says he is ‘95 percent’ confident that the disease won’t return.


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However, the actor admits that the difficult period changed his marriage, as well as other relationships he has in his life.

Life after cancer

After winning the battle with cancer, Douglas confessed that he believes the disease appeared as a result of the past intimate relationship and declared that he was deeply sorry for the embarrassment the revelation caused his wife.


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As a result, the couple broke up in 2013, but the love brought them back together. Surviving cancer prompted a big change in Douglas’ life and made him look at things from a different perspective.


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He explained:

It feels like a rebirth after you go through cancer and come out of it. You see priorities differently. You have a much deeper appreciation of marriage, your children you see everything a little bit clearer, and a little bit brighter.


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Last month, Michael’s stated that his love for Zeta-Jones "only continues to grow" after 18 years of marriage. He thinks that the secret to their long-lasting union is the fact that they work in the same industry which allows them to understand each other more.


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Now the actor says he enjoys spending more time with his family and he feels very proud that his children decided to follow his and his wife’s footsteps and become actors.

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