Brilliant! Wisconsin 6th Graders Show Admiration For Black Excellence By Recreating Memorable Photos Using Their Students

Date February 12, 2019

February is the chosen month celebrate Black History Month.

This special month is celebrated in some countries such as the USA, the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands. Its most significant merit is that it helps us remember valuable events and the history of the African diaspora.

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However, this February, a group of bright Milwaukee College Prep School 6th grade students took the celebration to another level by recreating the significant looks of black icons.

During the second week of Black History Month, the students’ teacher, Terrance Sims Jr. uploaded scenic photos of his students on his Facebook page and thousands of people have viewed it and are proud of what the students are doing.

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Sims had the 6th-grade students research the looks and understand these notable black icons, allowing them to learn some wonderful history while at it.

Sims' aim is to recreate 30 looks by the end of the month, but so far they have done a few amazing ones! Images of icons such as Michelle Obama, Assata Shakur, Stevie Wonder,  Malcolm X, Greensboro Four, and many others, have been remade.

Some students even posed together as the cast of the popular series, Black-Ish, and a student photographer took the picture while Sims assisted in the editing it.

Sims told Hello Giggles that: 

“Black history has always been important to me, but as an educator, it is a crucial part of my job. While February is an exciting time for Black history, I teach my students daily to love their skin and know their personal history.”

This month is a great time to honor the black heroes and many icons that should never be forgotten.

What Sims and his students are doing is definitely something worthy of accolades!

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