"Under Great Loving Leadership, No One Loses – Everybody Wins!" David Lynch Asked Trump To Recollect Himself

Date June 28, 2018

American filmmaker David Lynch made an extensive comment on his recently perverted post about Donald Trump. After the President retweeted the celebrity’s interview, David added a bit of clarity to his words taken out of context.

Hosts rebellion

The new “Avengers” trio raised against their common opponent. Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien decided to forget about their ratings for an evening to give a joint answer to the President’s latest feedback about their shows.


Donald Trump called The Tonight Show’s host a “lost soul” and The Late Show’s host a “low life.” He made a rhetoric question, asking whether those people could be considered funny. In response, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert made a video call to each other, greeting themselves as “Hey lowlife!” and “Hey lost soul!”


Conan O’Brien later joined the conversation, mentioning Trump must be considering of the TBS host with his “lowlife, no talent, lost souls”- a joke.

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Changed meaning

With all those insults, Donald Trump can already make a collection of disapprovals. Moreover, he can also add David Lynch’s recent comment to that “library.” The case is that the President has recently retweeted, as he thought, the American filmmaker’s words mentioning Donald “could go down as one of the greatest presidents in history.”

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However, David gave an immediate response, mentioning his words were taken out of the context:

Unfortunately, if you continue as you have been, you will not have a chance to go down in history as a great president. This would be very sad it seems for you – and for the country. You are causing suffering and division.


David Lynch also mentioned it is not late to change the situation. Everything Donald might need is treat others, as he would like to be treated.

Hopes for the best

The 72-year-old producer mentioned he hopes the president will listen to his words and save the situation as soon as possible.


The post will likely reach Trump as he is an ardent social media user. Then, we will hopefully get Donald’s reaction to find out what he might think after that.

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