Bank Infringed Legal Rights Of A Transgender Woman Claiming She Sounded Like Man

Date September 14, 2018 18:03

When we look into the transgender concept, it seems to involve complex social contradictions. Transgender people are continuously fighting for their rights and legal identity. 

Why should we support them?

Even though they are functional human beings, transgender people need support and acceptance. Like everyone else, they deserve to identify themselves, no matter how they are viewed by others.

Lost banking rights over her voice


Sophia Reis had her bank change her details, and her new identity was registered. But one day, she went through a traumatic experience when she was on the phone with a representative of Santander Bank.

The operator failed to identify her voice as her own, since it did not match the profile. She felt mortified and embarrassed. After this awkward situation, her bank account was frozen.

47-year-old Sophia Reis from Carlton, who has moved to Nottingham city about 19 years ago, was unable to transfer money to a friend, or even pay for the groceries with her debit card.

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According to The Nottingham Post, she has informed Santander Bank about changing the account name from Sergio to Sophia last November.

People condemned the bank

Many social media users have expressed their rage over the situation, and claimed the bank to be demeaning. Some gave Sophia great support, while others said this is a common problem, faced by many of people in general.

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