Violation Over Allergies? Airline Attendants Deliberately Tried To Kick Teen Girl Off The Plane Because Of Her Strawberry Allergy

Date October 2, 2018

Allergies are like landmines for its sufferers. One wrong bite and puff! Unpleasant reactions are triggered that can even lead to death. But some people treat patients with allergies like its no big deal. They need to understand it's not their preference to stay away from something. Don't take it lightly!

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Allergies can be fatal

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, a 15-year-old teenager fainted suddenly on a flight from Heathrow to Nice. Her father administered two EpiPen injections immediately but the girl's body didn't respond to the treatment. She died within hours.

The culprit behind her unfortunate death was severe sesame seed allergy. At the airport, she had eaten an artichoke, olive, and tapenade baguette. Upon investigation, they came to know that sesame was baked into the baguette, instead of being sprinkled on top.


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Food allergies should be taken extremely seriously. This incident reminds us how grave the situation can get!

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This girl was almost pushed out of the plane 

Chloe Fitzpatrick,19, was intentionally being tried to get off the plane by the flight attendants. The reason was her airborne strawberry allergy which meant they couldn't serve Magners Cider and rose wine in the flight.

They kept serving the drink even when she warned them. It could trigger her life-threatening allergy. In turn, she was told that we cannot land you home anymore and suggested to find another way to get to the UK. The girl didn't have money for another ticket. She could be stuck in Zante.


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The airline, Thomas Cook treated her like she has violated something. She was already nervous about her first trip out of the country without her parents. And now, she was left humiliated and scared by the staff. Chloe told Mirror UK:

It was disgusting really. One hostess was saying people with my condition shouldn't be flying if it's that fatal to me.

After a meaningless argument between the female staff, she was allowed to fly home. An announcement was made to inform passengers that they could not eat strawberries on board. 

It's chilling to even imagine that people couldn't give up one thing to save a human. They judged her on even trying to experience flying mode for her transport!

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Her friends supported her

She shared this horrible experience with her friends on facebook and they were outraged. Shocked over such lack of concern for a person's life!

Airlines should be trained for such special cases of passengers. And maintain their positive attitude no matter what. Please share if you agree!

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