Snobby Homeowners Ordered An Ad Truck For Kids Charity To Move And Stop "Lowering The Tone Of The Area"

Date August 10, 2018

Many people in our world are working tirelessly to help those less fortunate and utilize every resource in their disposal to make others aware and join the cause. Some, however, remain ignorant of everyone else's needs and only care about their comfort. The following story made us shake our heads in disbelief at the level of some people's privilege.

Supporting the youth

We turn our attention to Edinburgh, where local member of the charity organization helping underprivileged kids found himself under the judgement of others. 

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Bradley Welsh is a part of Holyrood Boxing Gym, which provides boxing lessons to local people as well as provides free classes for children who can't afford to participate in regular sports activities.

The organization believes that exercising is crucial in shaping young minds and bodies, so its members volunteer their time to make Edinburgh kids stronger while also having fun.

Take your charity someplace else

In order to advertise free classes for kids, Bradley Welsh transformed his truck into an advertisement and often parks it in various neighborhoods to educate Edinburgh citizens. 

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One day, Welsh parked his truck in a posh neighborhood, where he received a less than warm welcome. He returned to his vehicle to find a 'friendly' note asking him to move the car to a different location as it wasn't fancy enough for their street. Bradley posted the note on Holyrood Boxing Gym's Facebook page:

To the driver. Please can you stop parking this van outside my new flat as it is lowering the tone of the area. Please. 

Luckily, Bradley had a good sense of humor and laughed at the ignorance of the note's authors.

Public support and reactions

As expected, social media users didn't stand aside while the writers of the note were so rude to Bradley and voiced their thoughts about their enraging behavior.

Some people just can't appreciate or even understand what selflessness means. We should all learn to make adjustments in our lives if it means helping less privileged.

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