Tragic! Queen Maxima Of Holland's Sister Found Dead In Her Buenos Aires Apartment


June 8, 2018 15:06 By Fabiosa

The royal family in Holland has been rocked by a terrible loss. The younger of the country's monarch, Queen Maxima, was founding dead in her home.

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She suffered depression

Inés Zorreguieta's death has been named a suicide, as the 33-year-old was found hanging in her Buenos Aires apartment.

She is said to have suffered depression and mental health issues. The Dutch embassy in Argentina is also not ruling out suicide.

Sad loss for the family

At the moment, the Queen of Holland has cancelled all prior appointments, including a trip with her husband, King Willem-Alexander, and a scheduled appearance at the Holland Festival.

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The Dutch Prime Minister called the death 'intensely sad', wished the family well and implored the public to give the family the necessary privacy they would need in their time of loss.

Post-mortem examination underway

Recall that Queen Maxima recently buried her father, an Argentine government minister Jorge Zorreguieta, in 2017 after his battle with cancer.

Inés had worked as a psychologist for the President of Argentina's social policy team until her death. Her body has since been removed from her home for post-mortem examination. Our prayers are with the family.

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