Video Of Catholic Priest Slapping An Infant During Baptism Goes Viral, And People Want Him Arrested

Date June 25, 2018

Some catholic priests, including the Pope, are defending the rights of children in the United States, while others are getting in trouble for mistreating them.

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Strange baptism ritual

A 43 seconds long video of a priest slapping a crying baby in the middle of his baptism is currently going viral and provoking shocked reactions.

The footage showed the priest holding the crying child's face for a moment, while he remains in a woman's - presumably his mom - arms. When the child does not stop crying, the priest tries to comfort him before slapping him on the cheek.

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And, still oblivious, the priest takes the boy from his mother and proceeds to make him stop, but he continues to scream. It takes the intervention of the child's father and a church official to restore order to the service.

Outrage online

Not much is known about the location of the disturbing baptism 'ritual', but a Reddit user hinted at the fact that it happened in France according to a report on PEOPLE.

Since it first appeared online, people have been unanimous in their condemnation of the priest. Some commenters have even suggested that the priest, who looks visible aged, should be locked up. Do you agree?

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