28-Year-Old Bear Technician Walked Two Miles With Fractured Skull After Fighting Off The Bear


May 25, 2018 16:25 By Fabiosa

28-year-old grizzly bear technician fought off the bear attack, walked two miles to her car with a fractured skull, and managed to reach the hospital. The woman’s surroundings say she is in stable condition without any danger to her life.

Dream came true

Amber Kornak always had a dream to work with her favorite animals – grizzly bears. Finally, when her dream came true, she was transferred to Montana to serve as a grizzly bear wildlife technician for the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Libby.

A week after the research started, on May 17, she was gathering bear hair near the spring, the beloved fishing place for these animals. She aimed to conduct the necessary analysis of the DNA when her mission was interrupted by an angry and hungry owner of the premises.

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Jack Nevitt / Shutterstock.com

Miraculous escape

A giant bear attacked Amber unexpectedly, sneaking to her unnoticed due to the noise of running water. Ms. Kornak managed to reach the bear spray, but unfortunately, accidentally poured it on herself.

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The bear hurt her head and back before she ran away from him. She exhaustingly traveled two miles to her car and drove to the nearest hospital. Immediately after that, she was directed to Kalispell Regional Medical Center, where 4 hours of difficult surgery, metal plates, and screws significantly improved her condition. Now, she is with her friends who assure Amber is feeling well:

I have no new updates on her condition other than the fact that she can't wait to eat pizza.

If you met a grizzly

A grizzly bear is the last wild animal you would like to encounter alone in the wood. In case you see the aggressive brown beast approaching you, the most important thing you should remember is not to make sudden moves. Start backing slowly and speaking with the animal in a calm voice.

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Don’t look into bear’s eye – that is a direct sign of aggression. In case you see your behavior doesn’t help, it is time to use bear spray. Gun usage is not welcomed, and that is not because it is prohibited. The research proved, bear spray stopped 91% of attacks while weapon use only 67%.

Be attentive and cautious in the bear area!

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