Border Patrol Officer Fatally Shot An Illegal Immigrant After Suffering A Group Attack From Undocumented Residents

Date May 28, 2018

Texas border patrol agent shot an undocumented immigrant woman, as she and other illegal residents attacked the law enforcement officers in Rio Bravo. The neighbor lady recorded a few minutes of the crazy detention with tears in her eyes.

Another immigrants' breach

The US Customs and Border Protection responded to the claim of illegal activity in the abandoned house near Laredo. The border patrol agent arrived at the place of incident and tried to get in touch with the group of immigrants staying near the culvert.


The scared people (the exact number is unknown yet, but there were reportedly three of them) started to attack the officer with blunt objects. For the sake of self-defense, the agent engaged the weapon and fatally shot one of the immigrants – a young woman.

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Documented facts

Rio Bravo resident Marta Martinez heard the shot and went outside to see what was going on. As soon as she saw the law enforcement officers, she took her cellphone and started an online broadcast to her Facebook page.


One of her videos featured paramedics performing CPR on the young immigrant, reportedly woman in her early 20. The announcement made by the preliminary report Customs and Border Protection explained the details.


Marta heard another yelling on another side of her premises and ran to check the source of the mess: another officer apprehended two young men and transferred them to the law enforcement vehicle.

Danger to officers

The number of incidents on the border and consequently the danger to patrol officers increased in the last month as Donald Trump announced about the deployment of National Guard troops to secure the US-Mexico border.

However, despite the higher number of attacks, border patrollers statistically have safer work than the other law enforcement agents. It is reportedly stated that every one in ten FBI officer was assaulted in 2016, while among border patrollers this number is only ever one in 44 servicemen.

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