"Dress Bursts Shame": Meghan Markle Got Slammed For Her "Horrible" Fitted Frock At Lion King's Premiere


July 15, 2019 16:48 By Fabiosa

Apparently, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially hung out on a date night. The two looked like the latest Bond couple in matching monochrome outfits. Instead of cheering for the new parents, some people only highlighted the Duchess' changed physique.

The Prince dressed to impress in a dashing tuxedo pantsuit at the Lion King premiere in London. His beautiful wife donned a $2,450 Jason Wu frock with sheer neckline. Meghan looked breathtaking in sultry yet classy attire. Harry never let go of her hand at the event, and it showed how much he admired her at that moment.

People are not crazy about her dress

Meghan Markle is one of the most famous royals in the world. The keen eyes are desperate to judge her anywhere she goes. Guess it's just a side effect of her popularity.


Iisshh I don’t think that dress is very flattering. It’s too tight on her chest 😟Social media users found her clothing very unflattering.

They think the fitting was just not right, and it was just as bad as in her wedding dress. Commentators went on to call it horrible and weird.

Fans liked her outfit

What's there not to like about the stunning Duchess who moves ever so gracefully? She knows how to carry herself confidently. Taking that into perspective, the rest of the Twitterverse complimented Meghan. They praised her and the ensemble that looked majestic on her.

Let's not forget that Her Royal Highness could be breastfeeding. She's a new mom whose size will fluctuate a lot. So, there is no sure way for her to perfectly fit her dresses anyway. And by the way, admirers did give their verdict that she aced it.