People Shame P!nk Who Stood Up For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry's Latest Drama: "Royals Are There By Privilege And NOT Through Right"

Date August 21, 2019

It seems like Elton John's confession about paying for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's flight via a private jet has caused a wave of defense among celebrities.

The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have appeared under fire for using PJ for reported 4 flights within 11 days. And now, A-listers support and defend the couple, including Ellen DeGeneres and P!nk.

Albeit, the pop singer was rudely slammed for her tweet, especially for her words "the way people treat her is the most public form of bullying I have seen in a while. It’s out of control."

Besides, P!nk's comment about "being kinder" also caused a wave of outrage. One Twitter user even recalled the Duchess's alleged nickname 'MeGain'.

Surely, some people supported the singer's defense message but mostly social media users weren't really cool with it. The same thing happened to both Elton John and Ellen DeGeneres after they stood up for the Sussex couple.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward believes Prince William "fears" his younger brother and his sister-in-law‘s recent actions can have a "detrimental" effect on the royal family and the monarchy as a whole.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex is occasionally criticized for numerous things and some royal fans even think Buckingham Palace needs to address speculations and hatred as soon as possible.