"That Kid Is Really Stealing My Thunder": George Clooney Jokes Meghan And Harry's Baby Stole His 58th Birthday

Only God knows how much we all waited for Meghan and Harry's royal baby. It's hard to believe we followed the Duchess' pregnancy since October 2018, and she gave birth to her first-ever son on May 6th.

Many people were extremely close to Meghan in the past and still remain so. Numerous actors expressed their thrill and love to the Sussex couple and couldn't stop but gush about them.


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The Clooneys are no exceptions

It's no wonder George and Amal Clooney are friends with Meghan and Harry. They even might be godparents to the royal kid, although the star is kind of against.

That would be a bad idea. I shouldn't be the godfather. I'm a father of twins and I can barely do that! I should not be anyone's godfather!




Well, we're kidding, just like George. At Catch-22 premiere, the high-profile star jokingly said:

It was a little irritating because that kid really is stealing my thunder! This was my day! 


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Clooney celebrated his 58th birthday on the same day when Meghan and Harry welcomed their bundle of joy. And the Hollywood heart-throb wasn't really excited. 


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Notwithstanding, George Clooney is very excited for Meghan and Harry. He considers them as "the lovely couple" and therefore, is very happy for the family-of-three.


George Clooney has also defended his good friend Meghan Markle throughout her royal life. The Duchess of Sussex is often slammed or judged due to numerous factors, but the Clooneys always run to support their friend. 


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We're admittedly thrilled for Meghan and Harry's newborn son. Are you?