New Chapter In Life: Prince Harry Concisely Reveals How Meghan Is Coping With Their Son Archie

Date May 15, 2019 17:18

On May 14th, the new dad Prince Harry paid a visit to Oxford Children's Hospital, where he met different patients suffering from acute diseases as cancer, severe disabilities, and other health issues. 

During the day visit, the ginger-head royal said the most adorable thing about his newborn Archie — he "cannot imagine his life without his son" any longer. Surely, all parents can relate to this emotional feeling!


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What's up with Meghan now?

Meghan Markle is obviously on her maternity leave, living her best life with husband Harry and their son Archie. Becoming a mother is what most females crave for, and Meghan wasn't an exception.


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During Prince Harry's visit to Oxford Children's Hospital, the elated father opened up about Meghan's new role as a mother. However, he was really brief, so sorry if you thought he would chat for hours. 


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He simply said that both baby boy Archie and Meghan are doing fine, implying that Meghan is well and doing her best to be a great new mum in their new home. 


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Additionally, Doria Ragland is with the Sussex family-of-three now, so she's apparently very helpful, especially when Harry needs to go away to fulfill his royal duties. 


When Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially debuted with the newborn Archie on May 8th, the Duchess was asked about motherhood. She joyously responded:

It's magic. I have two of the best guys in the world. 


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How lovely are Harry and Meghan? We can't wait to be witnesses of Archie Harrison's growing-up process!