'NCIS' Star Michael Weatherly Is Accused Of Sexual Harassment. Will It Affect His Return To 'CBS' Series?

Date May 16, 2019 17:57

We all know Michael Weatherly as handsome and sarcastic Tony DiNozzo in TV series NCIS. After leaving the show, the actor started starring in the CBS series Bull.

He's got quite a status there, too! But, Weatherly's co-star Eliza Dushku reportedly left the series after she accused Michael of sexual harassment on the sets. Dushku claimed he offered her "threesome" and made some inappropriate comments about "his stuff" for weeks. But is it really so?

'Bull' returns on the screen!

Eliza Dushku shocked the world with her claims against Michael Weatherly and his sexual remarks concerning sexual act and the theme of rape in front of the on-set crew.

According to the actress, she was fired shortly after her attempts to sort out the issue on her own by simply speaking with him and later, she received $9.5 million confidential settlement from CBS


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Anywise, CBS defended Michael Weatherly after a while and decided to renew the drama series Bull after settling a sexual harassment claim, saying the actor "owned" and "apologized" for his on-set behavior toward Eliza Dushku.


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However, the entire case is truly controversial. Can you believe Weatherly would do something like that? He wasn't accused of something like that before of after Dushku's claim. Quite weird, huh?

So, when we [the network crew] look at the totality of the situation, we felt comfortable bringing 'Bull' back on the air.


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The network has taken a number of measures to improve its handling of workplace misconduct, including enhanced training and an anonymous hotline.

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What do you think about the entire situation? It's hard to believe Michael Weatherly would do something like that!