Pills For Weight Loss? Kelly Clarkson Breaks Silence On Whether She's Taking "Weird Pills" To Slim Down

Date May 17, 2019 14:33

Kelly Clarkson has lost forty pounds and transformed into a healthy woman. She has always been beautiful inside-out, but sticking to the right lifestyle is as much needed as oxygen.

The pop diva now doesn't cease to flaunt her slender figure. She suffered from thyroid, which tends to give excessive weight, but sports, nutrition, and inner harmony can undoubtedly do miracles.


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What the hell are those pills for weight loss?

People cannot be happy for others' success, happiness, and balance in life. First, some social media users created fake accounts under Kelly Clarkson's name, writing strange tweets and deluding people. 


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However, Kelly Clarkson's patience was wearing thin when she found out about other gossips: she was rumored to be taking "weird pills" for weight loss. The singer slammed these lies on Twitter. 


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The mother-of-two conceded that she eats "the same stuff"  she always has and "it’s all just made w/different flours/sugars/ingredients."


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The Piece by Piece hitmaker indeed looks toned right now. And you can see how the weight loss journey has taken a lot of time and efforts to shed those 40 pounds. So, pls, stop this hate!

Fans' support is everything 

Kelly Clarkson is a strong and wise woman. She wouldn't have done something like that behind the back of the entire population. On the contrary, if she had done, she would have been frank. That's just who she is!