Prince William Gets Sensitive As He Comes To Princess Diana's Annual Vigil To Commemorate His Late Mother

Date July 2, 2019

July 1 marked Princess Diana's birthday — Lady Di would have been celebrating 58th anniversary with the dearest people to her heart. However, while the Princess of Wales is in the heavens, none of the royal family paid tribute to her. 

Online users actively follow all official accounts and noticed that neither the Cambridge couple nor the Sussex family remembered Princess Diana. We thought that the royals would somehow pay tribute on the Princess’ special day — yet their social media accounts remained silent.


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Prince William's tribute

Anyhow, Prince Charles and Princess Diana's older son commemorated his late mother. 

Prince William stunned Lady Di's admirers when he surprisingly showed up at her annual vigil outside Kensington Palace.


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The future King came to the heart-breaking place around 7 p.m., greeting the small crowd of fans. Prince William donned a casual outfit, wearing a sincere smile on his fair face. However, his eyes were saying it all — pain and emptiness without his mom.


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According to Daily Mail, Prince William told well-wishers about his knowledge of the vigil and that all of them come to commemorate Princess Diana every year. 


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The father-of-three shook people's hands, exchanged adorable words, and recalled his late parent. 

Fans were very emotional

Princess Diana loved her boys, William and Harry, more than anyone and anything in this world, and they have never let her down, too.