How Does Princess Charlotte Feel About Starting School In September? Her Mum Kate Gives An Honest Answer

Date June 13, 2019

It's been revealed that Princess Charlotte is going to attend the same school — St Thomas's Battersea School — as her elder brother, Prince George.

He has been a student of the prestigious school for the last two years, and now, it's time for little Lotti to study hard and follow the school's motto 'Be Kind'.


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Princess Charlotte is four years old and is starting school in September. Her mum Kate Middleton revealed what the little royal feel about it. 

On June 11, the Duchess of Cambridge had a walkabout in the Lake District, is a mountainous region in North West England, and chatted with some parents. When she was asked about Princess Charlotte's true feelings about education, she replied she is very excited to start.


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The four-year-old British Princess is "looking forward to school." Charlotte has been a friendly, confident, intelligent, and well-rounded kid. She's believed to fit in society.


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Actually, Princess Charlotte and Prince George are such grown-ups already! Royal kids were dressed up in blue-and-white outfits and looked so adorable at Trooping the Colour on June 8.

Princess Charlotte is turning to a lady, though she's only four. The royal begins resembling her dad William so much!  Prince George is going to be six on July 22 and looks like both William and Kate's copy.


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It's such a strange feeling when you see toddlers turn teenage years and even adulthood with the blink of an eye.