Princess Diana Once Gave A Heartfelt Handwritten Note To Little Prince Harry And It Might Break One's Heart


April 15, 2019 16:08 By Fabiosa

There are no doubts that late Princess Diana was a doting mother to Princes William and Harry. She loved them unconditionally, and vice versa. 

Moreover, Lady Di was such a lovable human being that people across the globe admired and adored her personality. One poll even titled her "the UK’s ideal mother" and we guess it links to her life precisely. 


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The note which is still cherished

One morning, little ginger-head Harry wanted to treat himself and eat something delicious. According to a former personal chef, Carolyn Robb, Harry came to her with a favor - he wanted to eat mini treacle tarts for breakfast. 


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As a rule, royal children need to stick to a specific diet, and not every product is allowed. Robb made a long face and replied to Harry that she didn't know whether his mama would allow.

The red-head ran to Diana to ask for her allowance. Upon his return to the chef, he gave a handwritten note, saying: "Mummy says it's okay!"

Robb loved Diana and her boys so much as the late Princess was "very easy to cook for" and William and Harry loved sweets so that the fridge was always filled with tarts. She still keeps this lovely note after many years. 

Isn't it a sweet gesture? Lady Di showed once again how kind and generous she was.

Harry still misses his mother

The Duke of Sussex was only 12 when his beloved parent passed away. Throughout many years he experienced pain and depression, and only Meghan could make his heart into one piece again. 

When the baby's news was flying over the net, the royal couple was on the Commonwealth tour, and body language expert Jodi James stated that Prince Harry must need Diana as he is going to become a parent himself. 


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Princess Diana has always been in the hearts of the closest people and royal fans, and she will surely be!