'Criminal Minds' Star A.J. Cook Stole Spotlight On Red Carpet With Her Two Grown Up Lookalike Sons

Date March 13, 2019 12:42

Fans of Criminal Minds are closely familiar with A.J. Cook's sons Mekhi and Phoenix, as they play her character's kids on the show.

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Mekhai appeared in Criminal Minds as Henry LaMontagne, and Phoenix – as JJ's second son, Michael. At such a young age they managed to become real stars!

The family step out together

Recently, the Criminal Minds star A.J. Cook attended the premiere of Wonder Park along with her husband Nathan Andersen and sons Mekhi and Phoenix.

The family decided to visit the premiere even though A.J. Cook is not in the movie. Nevertheless, they didn’t share the exact reason for such an unusual appearance.


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A.J. Cook and her family were in the center of the media attention, as nobody could imagine that her sons are already so grown up and look unbelievably cute.

Fan’s reaction

People keep admiring the beautiful family, writing how adorable they look all together. And of course, it is a big surprise for everybody that kids are already so grown up. Time goes fast!

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Beautiful family! 😍


Phoenix is super blonde and it's so adorable!


Omg you’re gorgeous!!! Your boys are so adorable!! Mekhai is your twin!!!


Holy Cow Phoenix is HUGE!!!️♥️ I Swear it feels like you were pregnant yesterday!


you guys are absolutely adorable


Публикация от AJ Cook (@ajcook)

The Criminal Minds star A.J. Cook appeared at the Wonder Park premiere together with her loving family, her husband Nathan Andersen, and her sons Mekhi and Phoenix. And it was a big surprise for everybody that her children are so grown up and look beautiful!

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