Thomas Markle Jr. Claims He's Homeless & At "The Lowest Point" Of Life And It's All Meghan's Fault

Date May 29, 2019 13:11

The birth of Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's first child erupted different kinds of emotions in the Duchess' family. Her father, Thomas, is trying to keep his nose clean in the hopes of meeting his grandchild. Samantha is on her usual spree of criticizing her half-sister and persuading her for the same cause, but, negatively.

Now, it's time to hear what the Sussex stunner's half-brother is up to. He surely has a lot to say.

Thomas Markle Jr. Claims He's Homeless & At "The Lowest Point" Of Life And It's All Meghan's FaultGetty Images / Ideal Image

Thomas Markle Jr. had previously explained his bittersweet feeling about Archie's arrival to Daily Mail UK. Apparently, he curses the day Meghan married into royalty. He remarked:

 The Markle family has been so split up from the beginning, with the wedding, with everything I mean, something has to happen. Meg just can't go on pretending she doesn't have a family.


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He is living in miserable conditions 

Talking to The Sun News, The Duchess' half-brother complained about how Meghan is detached about his terrible scenario. He is currently living in a hotel room with his fiance, Darlene, and her son. He believes his name has become so notorious in his home town that no one is willing to hire him or rent him a place to live.


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He blamed Meghan Markle for not supporting him. Thomas charge on her is that her Royal wedding had put all the family under a microscope. He claims his situation is not entirely his fault as many true and untrue things are being spread about him. Markle Jr. said:

This is the lowest point of my life. It is tough to accept – especially when I never asked for any this.

People want him to be responsible

Could Thomas Markle Jr.'s statement be taken into any sympathetic account? Or do you also believe it's every man for himself? Duchess Meghan could aid him indeed but, what good did he do to deserve it? Share this and entertain us with your answer.