Plus-Size Model Elly Mayday Has Passed Away At Age 30 After A Long Battle With Ovarian Cancer

Date March 8, 2019

Cancer takes and shapes a person's life around misery. That's how it had gripped the body-positivity activist, Elly Mayday. For the last six years, she had been suffered from the pain and adversity of her disease.

Now, it ends, but sadly, with her.


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The trailblazing model was also an advocate for women's health. She was born as Ashley Shandrel Luther in Saskatchewan, Canada, and adopted a stage name as she made her way through the competitive industry, being one of the first curvy models.


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Expiry at 30

According to PEOPLE Magazine, on March 1, Elly Mayday's heart dejected. The model's family announced her demise on all of her social media accounts. She was only 30 years old.


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The most disturbing part is that whenever she went for a check-up, the doctors advised her to lose weight instead. When the painkillers failed, she decided to help herself and was then, diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 25.


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The brave lady molded her whole career around her morbid illness. She was known for boldly battling it throughout her modeling tenure and often, shared photos with her surgical scars and a bald head from chemotherapy. Her closed ones remarked:

Ashley was a country girl at heart who had a passion for life that was undeniable.


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Fans are heartbroken 

Elly had a huge following for her inspirational spirit. She was a voice for women trying to embrace their bodies and for the cancer patients who didn't feel alone in their struggles because of her. They remembered her and pledged to keep her alive in their memories.  

She did fulfill her purpose to change the world for the better. Elly will be dearly missed for her courage and strength. Share this and pay your respects to the deceased.

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