Serena Williams Finally Commented On Possibility Of Being A Godmother To Meghan's Son, Archie

Date July 5, 2019 17:28

Archie Harrison's christening ceremony is approaching fast. Despite his parents' announcement to have it privately, people are still pretty excited.

Meghan Markle's lastest hang out with her tennis star friend gave us a major hint about the royal heir's godparents-to-be.

The Duchess of Sussex took a break from her maternity leave to support Serena Williams at Wimbledon. While watching the thrilling match, Meghan remained stationed between her girlfriends, Lindsay Roth, and Genevieve Hillis. She carried a casual look to be comfortable for this day-time event.

Will Serena and Alexis become Archie's godparents?

After winning her second round, Williams was interviewed by the press. She revealed that she will not be able to see Archie being baptized. The iconic player has unavoidable work commitments on July 6, and her royal friend fully understands.

Then, the media probed whether she will be responsible for Archie's religious upbringing or not.

Serena ruled it out and said, she cannot be Meghan's son godmother. As a world-famous celebrity, she will never have enough time to treat her bestie's tot the way he deserves. The busy schedule is a bummer for her.

However, her 1-year-old daughter, Olympia, will be like a big sister to Archie. Fair enough!

Then who will make the cut after all?

Well, the royal experts think the answer is right in front of our eyes. The Sussex couple has decided not to reveal the godparents to maintain their lives paps-free. However, Meghan's closeness with Lindsay Roth and Genevieve Hillis gives us a clue.

Whoever becomes a light of Archie's life will be truly fit for the job. We wish his secret godparents best of luck and offer our congratulations. Let us know if you can suggest some solid contenders.