Shoo Off, Critics! Jenna Jameson Posts A Powerful Photo Of Breastfeeding Her 23-Month-Old Daughter

Date March 5, 2019 14:47

Motherhood is a unique experience that the onlookers cannot possibly comprehend. This connection forfeits any absurdities. This might be the situation of Jenna Jameson who has made the critics rant. 


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The former adult-film star had major ups and down regarding her kids. Her first husband, Tito Ortiz was granted full custody of their twins following their split in 2013. 

After going through that trauma, she gave birth to another daughter from her partner, Lior Bitton. Things seemed to be finally going Jenna's way until the haters barged in.


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The bold breastfeeding statement

Jenna Jameson is ready to showcase her fierce motherly love, and it seems like she means to deal with the backlashers head on. She posted a photo of herself in a long flowery dress, holding her baby girl Batel on one hip. Her 23-month-old daughter was being breastfed. Her claim portrays that it is not something you should be hiding away. 


Fierce love. @ivetteivens

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Photographer Ivette Ivans captured the photo in the Hollywood Hills. It is unknown whether this snap will be for professional or personal use. We are sure it sent a message to the ones who find it inappropriate.


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She’s having the time of her life 👏🏻

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Her fans had mixed opinions

Most of her followers channeled her experience and narrated their own struggles. The commentators took Jenna's side and agreed to what she is demonstrating. More power to her!


I breastfed till my daughter was 3 and I find this picture so beautiful ❤️🖤 thank you for sharing.


Thank you for being brave enough to share a very normal situation that for some reason is not accepted by everyone (just yet). At 14 months i get told my daughter is too old as well. I dont care- i know whats best for HER. And so do you for your baby, mama xoxoxo


I support you baby girl 🍼♥️

Others didn't agree with it and disapproved her statement!


Its great that you decided to breastfeed. But now she is able to eat regular food and has teeth... she is too old to be breastfeeding.

Do you think this feat would restrain the haters or the internet trolling is just uncontainable? Share this and let us know what you think!

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