Cheers For The Love! Happy 14th Wedding Anniversary To Prince Charles & His 'Queen-To-Be', Camilla

Date April 9, 2019 15:26

Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla's love story had more twists and turns than a Hollywood movie. Their royal romance was finally triumphant after their first marriages failed. The two had come across in their youth on the polo field but went on to marry other people. All is well if the end goes well!


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Reportedly, they were introduced by a mutual acquaintance, Lucia Santa Cruz in 1970. Then Camilla Shand was not in any way awestruck by Charles' status. She wasn't servile or flattering which attracted the young Prince. Their love has endured countless tabloid scandals, disapproval of family members and personal conflicts. 


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Completing 14 years of their union

Prince Charles had ultimately tied the knot with his beau, Camilla Parker-Bowles on April 9, 2005. Ever since then, they have been jointly elevated from starry-eyed youngsters to the future King and Queen Consort of Britain. Time to cheer for their love and persistent journey.


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Today, Your Royal Highnesses are celebrating their 14 years of successful marriage. Of course, their romance dates back to at least 2 decades further. While secretly dating, Camilla and Charles had nicknames for each other, Gladys and Fred. Sneaky, yet adorable!


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People congratulated the magnificent pair

We also wish them a very happy wedding anniversary and lots of love! Share this and toast to their marital bliss!

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