"I Don't Care": Beth Chapman Refuses To Stop Working, Not Minding Her Struggles Amid Cancer Battle

Date March 29, 2019 15:42

Beth Chapman has been working beside her husband, Duane on their CMT's reality show, Dog & Beth: On the Hunt. The series itself extended from Dog being a bounty hunter in his previous franchise. The devoted wife remained supportive of Duane until her health knocked her down. And even now, she wants to continue pursuing the fugitives with him.


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Her throat cancer had returned last year and she's been brave but not so optimistic anymore. Her treatments are being administrators and Duane keeps her worried fans updated. The latest news he shared was how Beth has lost her hair due to chemotherapy and is sporting a blond wig. That's her way of defying her condition.


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She will not stop working

Mrs. Chapman is adamant to continue her responsibility and what is passionate about. According to Hollywood Gossip, she revealed in an interview that she would like to work as long as she lives. Beth will carry on her purpose, despite her critical condition. Cancer has failed to slow her down.


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The best part of their relationship is probably how they stick together on their job. Beth's been a huge part of Duane's journey, always concerned about his safety and keeping everything in check. She has bravely remarked:

I don't care if I'm dying! I'm still fighting crime!


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She has many well-wishers 

The Twitterverse send their prayers to the determined lady. All they now wish for is her miraculous speedy recovery. The commentators have found her to be inspirational and exemplary.

It's astonishing to see how Beth has not lost hope to live life at its fullest. Share this and send your regards to her along with lots of love.

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