"You'll Always Be My #1 Fan": Celine Dion Shares A Rare Photo Of Her Beloved Look-Alike Father

Date March 4, 2019

Celine Dion pulls her art from sheer emotions. But she has never revealed the source. Now, the songster has shared a rare piece of her past that may give us an idea. Her father may have been her inspiration.


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The most precious gem of our era, Celine was born as the youngest child in a big family of 14 siblings. Despite their scarcity struggles the head of her family, her father retained her children in good spirits. He managed to give them a sufficient living based on morals and rich philosophy. His support is what made his daughter an ultimate household name. It will resonate for many decades to come!


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A rare photograph of Celine with her loving father

There aren't many snaps of her papa, Adhémar-Charles Dion. So, every old photo that the songster lets out is unique on its own. For the means of paying an appreciative tribute to her late dad, Celine shares one with the fans.


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In many ways, Mr. Dion passed on his handsome looks to his superstar daughter. Their remarkable similarity seems obvious in the photo to which she added a moving message. She captioned:

Papa, I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have had a dad like you. You will always be my #1 fan. I love you! 


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Another dedication

It was a subtle off-the-stage gesture but Celine has recognized the love of her papa on many occasions. She dedicated her vocals to commemorate him as she sang Dance With My Father for him. Celine Dion had recorded this Version in 2005 for the Various Artists Album An All-Star Tribute to Luther Vandross.

The love of a father can continue to replenish his child's spirit forever and Celine example proves this notion well. Share this if your dad means the world to you and will always be your biggest admirer.

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