Clusterous Havoc! 3 Unusual Earthquakes Have Hit Alabama-Florida State Line Within Just A Week

Date March 15, 2019 14:50

There are specific regions on Earth where two blocks within the ground may suddenly slip past one another. The surface that gives rise to the phenomenon is called the fault plane. Turns out, Eastern American has a lot of them.

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However, many of those faults are not believed to be active in any way. The most geologically famous one is the Bahama Fracture Zone. It extends across the corner of northwest Florida into southwest Alabama, leading to Mississippi. A seismologist, Robert Sanders, told Wear TV there is no specific trigger in these areas. Earthquakes can happen anywhere in a fracture zone at any time.

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Three in a row - Is a swarm earthquake forming?

Unusually dramatic rumbles and earthquakes are being felt along the US Space Coast, stretching from Florida to Alabama. These natural occurrences have sparked a mystery of seismic proportions as 3 brief quakes have been felt within a single week. This high seismic activity doesn't sound like good news.

According to Express UK, the first tremor shook the locality with a 2.7 magnitude at 11:45 pm on March 6. The second strike was measured at a 3.1 magnitude at 1:36 pm on March 11, while the last one was of a 2.3 magnitude and happened on March 12 at 8:27 pm. As the pattern suggests, earthquakes are becoming more frequent while their intensity is unstable. 

How are people dealing with it?

There is a panic raging on within the communities. People are scared if the earthquakes will return more strongly. They also discussed other factors to consider.

This may be foretelling a clusters havoc. However, these quakes might just be aftershocks. In any case, stay safe and on your toes!

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