It's A Go! Marie Osmond Is Set To Join 'The Talk' & Replace Sara Gilbert, Reports Say

Date May 3, 2019

The audience grows to love talk show hosts and make them a part of their lives. They look up to them for conversational advice and learn to relate their experiences. When one of their favorite ones leave, only one question resonates: Who will be the replacement? 


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Last month, Sara Gilbert, announced her departure from The Talk. The Big Bang Theory star has worked for the show as a co-host for almost a decade. She has decided to focus more on her acting and elevate her career to be a successful producer. It was an extremely difficult step for her and she struggled to conclude whether to leave or not. 


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Her substitute is here

The talk show is dynamic and always moving forward. The producers had to be quick in finding a replacement. According to TMZ's sources, Marie Osmond has already signed on for the gig. Her official joining will be shared live on The Talk on May 7. The singing sensation had previously hosted as a guest, and the ratings had spiked exponentially. Quite the resume she got there!


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Marie and her brother, Donny reside at the Flamingo hotel in Las Vegas. She'll have to do double duty, flying back and forth from there to Los Angeles during the show's run. Anyhow, she is a go from the bosses' side.


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People had divided opinions

Many fans and friends of Marie rejoiced over the news. They find her to be the perfect pick and are looking forward to seeing her on air.

Some commentators did not approve of it.

Are you satisfied with the choice of Sara Gilbert's fill-in? Or do you suggest other celebrities for the role? Share this and congratulate Marie for her latest job on the horizon.