Legendary "Midnight Cowboy" Actress, Sylvia Miles Has Passed Away At 94: She Was One Of A Kind

Date June 14, 2019 17:05

The classic actresses were the organic engine of the Hollywood industry. We've started to lose them one by one and nothing is more devastating than that in media. Here, we mourn for another icon of the 60s.


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Sylvia Miles was nominated for an Oscar two times. Both were accounted for her supporting roles in 1969's Midnight Cowboy and 1975's Farewell My Lovely. In the former movie, she had only performed for about 6 minutes and in the latter one, 8 minutes. That was the level of her brilliance.

She also got bigger projects like Wallstreet: Money Never Sleeps, Zero To Sixty, Shalimar and many more.


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Expiry at 94

According to the New York Times, the legendary actress who was also famous as a party scene fixture has passed away on Wednesday, June 12. She was currently residing at her home in NYC. TMZ reports revealed that she took her last breath in the back of an ambulance while rushing for the hospital.


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The news of her death was confirmed by her two friends: a journalist, Michael Musto, and an actress, Geraldine Smith. She was 94 and presumably died from the health complications of old age. Sylvia had no children, but was married three times, and all were ended in divorce.


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People paid tribute to the late diva

We also send prayers for Sylvia Miles' soul. May she rest in peace. Share this and offer your respect to the deceased.