Mournful Duane Chapman Paid A Tearful Tribute To Late Beth: "She Hiked The Stairway To Heaven"

Date June 27, 2019 11:32

Just days ago, Beth Chapman was put in a medically induced coma after she couldn't breathe. Her family later revealed that the chances of her waking up from it are very slim.

Then, we heard the most devastating news about her. Wonder what havoc it must've brought to hubby Duane.


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In the early morning of Wednesday, June 26, the huntress from Dog: The Bounty Hunter passed away. The couple's official representative, Mona Wood-Sword, confirmed that she was at Queen's Medical Center during her last moments, surrounded by friends and family. This concludes her 2-year-long battle with lung cancer. She was 51.


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The mournful tribute

Duane Chapman had remained by her wife's side all along she fought her morbid disease. He fulfilled her last wish and had taken her home with discontinued chemotherapy.

All along he believed in Beth's strength and had faith that she will make it through. Now, he is only accepting reality and remembering his lost love with a good picture in his mind.


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Dog took to Twitter to inform people how's he holding up during this dark time. In a special dedication to Beth, he recalled how they used to hike together at Koko Head mountain, waking up at around 5:30 A.M. Now, she has only climbed "the stairway to heaven."

Fans prayed for Beth's soul and offered him support

Beth Chapman will be sorely missed. We can only imagine how much Duane's heart must be aching. Share this and send your regards to the sorrowful family.