Queen Elizabeth II Bestows A New Honorary Role To Meghan Markle On International Women's Day

Date March 8, 2019

The empowered Queen of Britain, Elizabeth II represents the strength of women in the world. Her contributions are inclined to serve humanity along with her own people. But, Her Majesty also unconsciously inspires females in particular.

Now, she has chosen Meghan Markle to take part in that task.

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The Duchess of Sussex attended to a panel discussion of ladies who carry out the activities of The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust. They marked it to celebrate this year's International Women's Day and discussed a range of issues affecting them worldwide. 

Queen Elizabeth II Bestows A New Honorary Role To Meghan Markle On International Women's DayGetty Images / Ideal Image

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A new honorary role

The British monarch supported her granddaughter-in-law in the best possible way. She presented a gift to her on Women's Day: The Sussex stunner is now anointed as the Vice President of The Queen's Commonwealth Trust.

This role is a very special one for the Duchess, as it is also shared by her charming husband, Prince Harry.

The Queen herself is an official Patron of this organization, while Harry is its President. Meghan Markle's service will focus on helping women and young girls around the world who are driving positive social change and serving their communities. Her Royal Highness will also advocate their hopes and self-employment opportunities. How remarkable is that! 

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Fans congratulated her

The royal followers are delighted by the news. They joyously congratulated the Duchess on her new prestigious role.

Meghan has so much potential for this position – her sincere concern and compassion towards the female community make her a deserving candidate.

We wish Meghan Markle all the best! Share this and send your regards to the dutiful Duchess.

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