'Extreme Phone Pinching': Bizarre Craze Is Forcing People To Risk Destroying Their Phones For Fun

Date December 12, 2018

The world of internet is infinite. With the advancement of everything, the stupidity can also be found at its peak. Another challenge has hit the social media networks by storm. Will you go with this torrent?


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Since the beginning of time, the brains of teenagers have been quite undecipherable. So, why do young people are compelled to do crazy social media challenges? The answer lies in their mental capacities. Their energetic minds are programmed to constantly look for new exciting experiences to boost learning. But unfortunately, teens may lack the ability to make rational choices. Having said that forgive the naive ones!


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After, the 'Mannequin Challenge', 'Ice Bucket Challenge', and now, the infamous 'Harlem Shake Challenge', the internet has given one more surprisingly idiotic feat for people to pull off.

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The 'Extreme Phone Pinching' challenge

If the name is not obvious enough, this challenge requires people to pinch their phone from the very edge of it. For its validity, you must dangle it from a very steep, deep or dangerously high place.

Don't worry, the teenagers have given enough demonstrations of this bizarre stunt. It gives them an instant dose of attention and adrenaline. As the unnamed judges suggest, the mobile better be an iPhone.


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This phone pinching challenge is costing people hundreds of dollars. Moreover, this strange event is captured and posted online to fish likes, comments, and limitless shares. Turns out, your risky situation is good for the media's show!

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How to save children from internet suggested exploits?

It's important for the parents to identify the internet-generated manipulative actions. Kids' fun should be thoughtful and calculated avoiding any damage or risks. The Healthy Children organization advise parents to get a better understanding of their child's appeal to such stunts and aware them of ultimate consequences.

'Extreme Phone Pinching': Bizarre Craze Is Forcing People To Risk Destroying Their Phones For FunKyle T Perry /

Do you believe this challenge to be any good or meaningful? Share this and let us know if you have a different prospect to it.

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