Loca Lotto! Louisiana Couple Accidently Found $1.8M Won Lottery Ticket In Their Messy Bedroom

Date November 22, 2018 17:29

All humanity shares this hilarious and far fetch dream of winning a lottery. Hey, don't you deny that now! The players have an undying hope of winning it sooner or later. if you want to find the most disappointed but optimistic people in the world, go to a lotto gambler. No kidding!

Loca Lotto! Louisiana Couple Accidently Found $1.8M Won Lottery Ticket In Their Messy Bedroomkang hyejin /

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Unfortunately, positive thinking is not always the best strategy especially when it comes to betting and buying bundles of tickets, expecting them to give instant rewards. This un-insured way of earning is totally a bad idea. The right way of getting profits is this crazy plan called putting in efforts. Not trying to scare you, maybe some of you lads can get it all done with Lovie Dovie lucky numbers alone.

Here's a couple who might have stolen your lucky charm! 

Drop-dead fortunate Ehrenberg duo

Harold and Tina Ehrenberg recently claimed the $1.8 million jackpot-winning ticket that was for the June Louisiana Lottery Lotto drawing. Astonishingly, they found it while doing some holiday season cleaning. The couple quickly surfed the lotto site and one of the tickets Tina found on the nightstand matched all numbers. The prize was to be retrieved within 180 days and they just discovered it in time. Only 2 weeks before the expiry of their grand lottery. Too good to be true!

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Mr. Ehrenberg expressed his disbelief as he told:

I kept waiting for something to go wrong


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The selling-store for the lotto also got 1% of the winning that is around $17,950.00. After state and federal tax withholdings, the Ehrenberg got $1,274,313 which they straight away deposited for their old days. Someone is going to have one hell of a retirement!

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People made a pledge to start cleaning more often

Wow, this winning certainly made a revolution. Social media users started considering the what-ifs in a bittersweet way.

Share this and don't forget to check on your lottos laying idle in your long forgotten drawers. Let your luck do the magic!

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