"Cover Your Face Or Leave," Said The Manager: Cancer Survivor With Disfigured Face Was Humiliated At A Store

Date October 17, 2018

Until now, we should have been living up to the fact; Never judge a book by its cover. Sadly, in our society appearance is preferred as a tool to judge someone. To give them entitlement as; scary, unreachable, different or just ugly!

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Cancer's physical effects

This fatal disease leaves a mark on its sufferer's mind and body forever. The commercialized treatments cure the illness but not the scars. Even if the patient survives, the physical changes compel the cancer champion to be insecure about how he looks.

MaeManee /

According to Everyday Health, these possible changes during treatment are permanent:

  • scars from regular biopsies and deep surgeries;
  • markings, made on the body to map out radiation treatment;
  • skin discoloration due to radiation;
  • separated and cut limbs to life-saving amputation;
  • surgically created openings in the abdomen used to allow waste to exit the body;
  • Mastectomy in the breast cancer, the removal of one or both breasts.

The fighter leaves the war but the war never leaves the survivor. Such is the case of Kirby Evans whose battle will haunt him forever!

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Cancer survivor was humiliated

Kirby Evans, 65 had stopped to relish some donuts and a drink at the Forks Pit Stop in Walterboro. As soon as he sat down to enjoy his food, the manager came up to him. She told him to follow her in the office. The lady expressed that he is making the customers afraid. Suggested him to hide his face or leave immediately.

Evans had surgery to remove basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer. His face was disfigured after the removal of his left eye and nose. The old man couldn't afford a reconstructive operation or any cosmetic procedures.

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He had found a way to cope with people's stares but this incident left him hurt beyond any disease. Evans told ABC News,

The words that came out of her mouth damaged me so deeply.

He had left the store with tears in his eyes. His daughter took a serious notice of the situation. She channeled her rage by posting about it on social media. The story was shared hundreds of times so it reaches some humanity!

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People's reaction

There wasn't enough sympathy to go around for Evans.  He was supported and encouraged to smile away the rest of his life!

Hope this happening stimulates people to bear the uncomfortable parts of others. Share and spread the message to honor the individuals who made it out alive!

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