This Is Just Tragic! Marathon Runner Gabriele Grunewald Has Passed Away At 32 Due To Cancer

Date June 12, 2019 11:38

To watch the bravest people lose their battles weakens our hearts. Gabriele Grunewald, who was a professional distance runner and an inspiration to many, has left her fans devastated. She will be remembered for being a warrior of her own plight.


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Only days ago, Gabe's husband Justin made an update on her health situation. She was hospitalized after her liver stopped functioning. Her condition worsened and the doctors advised the folks to take her home. They wanted her final moments to be comfortable.


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Justin's spirit must have broken into pieces as he requested Gabriele well-wishers on Instagram:

I wanted to let you all know while she is still alive so you can send her one last message here or on her wall or on her phone before she heads up to heaven.


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Death at 32 

For the past 10 years, Gabriele's husband, who had also been her trainer, kept people in the loop while his wife valiantly battled thyroid and salivary gland cancer. His last notification to us was the sad news of her demise on Tuesday, June 11. Gabe was only 32 and had a lot to achieve in life. 


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In the post, he shared his and Gabriele's photo in which they were running together. It was a nostalgic scenery infested with deep despair. He included a sweet memory while paying an aching tribute to her, captioning:

At 7:52 I said ‘I can’t wait until I get to see you again’ to my hero, my best friend, my inspiration, my wife.

People paid their respects to her 


The finish line is just the beginning....prayers for you all 💗


She inspired many with her strength. And you’ve inspired many in the past few days by your unwavering strength. My sincerest condolences.




Rest In Peace gabe❤️


You've been an inspiration for years. May your soul rest in peace.

The strong lady will always stay in the minds of those who loved her dearly. She will indeed be missed. Share this and send your condolences to her mourning family.