Devastated Parisians Cried & Sang 'Ave Maria' As The Raging Fire Engulfed Notre Dame Cathedral

Date April 16, 2019 15:59

On Monday, April 15, Notre-Dame Cathedral's roof was engulfed by flames. The famous spire of this magnificent building was completely consumed by the fire and tumbled down to ashes. The sight of this incident was unbearable!


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The spokesperson of the sanctuary, André Finot informed the New York Times that the cause behind this havoc is unknown. Speculations indicate it could be linked to the structure's ongoing renovation work. Firefighters have set up a large parameter for security purposes. Reportedly, it took approximately 9 hours for the team to put out the fire completely.


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The crowd's prayer

The people of Paris were devastated beyond words. They are on the verge of losing a significant part of their cultural history. Watching it collapse before their eyes had easily fainted their hearts. The Parisians went on to remember God during this time. 

The on-lookers aligned themselves in a religious gathering. As the tears rolled down their faces, they found solace in praising their Lord. The crowd sang Ave Maria and prayed for everyone's safety along with Mercy from their God. It changed this tragedy into a sound of hope towards restoration.

The French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to reconstruct Notre-Dame Cathedral and the funding has already begun. The donations are being drawn from many millionaires including Gucci and Louis Vuitton's owners.


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People's remarks

The commentators on Twitter shared the despair of Parisians. They also had other skeptical opinions about the situation.

The repair will be extensive but, with help and prayers, anything is possible. Share this and support Paris as it heals itself.

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