Namaste, Duchess! Meghan Markle Stunned In A Gorgeous Indian Saree At Her Charitable Tour To India In 2017

Date April 18, 2019

Meghan Markle's humanitarian ventures had started even before her royal wedding to Prince Harry. It proves how she's always led a purposeful life but her efforts are only now in the spotlight. An archive from 2017 shows how genuinely kind she is.

The Duchess' affiliation with the country, India was thought only because of her friend, Priyanka Chopra. The Indian actress also made it to her wedding. Meghan had volunteered with charity World Vision on trips to Rwanda and India long before in 2017. There, she emphasized gender equality and did the job of a considerate global ambassador. She is believed to have a passion to change lives for the better.

Rocking an Indian saree

A new video of her tour has been released. The Duchess looked exceedingly genuine while connecting with the people there. She took part in various activities, including floral plantation to make a school more beautiful. Meghan was surrounded by children who were in awe of her. She also took a huge leap to blend with their culture.

The Sussex stunner sported a 'bindi' which is a red mark worn by Hindus. It is believed to ward off an evil eye. She also tried their traditional attire, a saree. Meghan looked her usual glamorous self in a blue banarsi number. She can ace anything she wears!


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People endlessly admired her

The commentators on Twitter were delighted to see the Duchess doing her best for the world. They praised her beauty and also her philanthropist nature.

How did the Duchess strike you in a saree? Well, she looked undoubtedly ravishing! Share this and send Her Royal Highness lots of love for how she cares her fellow humans!

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