Adorable 3-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Becomes Little Flower Girl For Her Bone Marrow Donor

Date July 5, 2018

Skye Savren-McCormick was only 2 when doctors diagnosed her with two different types of cancer. One was so rare, it only occurres in one out of about a million children. The prognosis for juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia was dire, and her chances of survival were quite slim.

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The little girl needed blood transfusions on a daily basis, had to undergo several chemotherapy sessions, and even had her spleen removed to give her a fighting chance. As many as 77 different people donated blood to keep the beautiful little girl alive.

Thankfully, Skye powered through and her cancer is in remission. Just last month, the little girl got to be the star attraction at a wedding. The bride happened to be Hayden Hatfield Ryals, a stranger who volunteered to donate her bone marrow for a transplant that Skye needed.

Before the wedding, little Skye got to practice her walk for the big day in her family living room, and she did not disappoint.

ABC News / YouTube

On the day of the wedding, she looked delightful in her little white dress and blue sneakers as she walked down the aisle with a wide smile on her face and a basket of flowers.

ABC News / YouTube

Skye and her donor met for the first time at the wedding. After the transplant, Ryals reached out to the family through the donor agency that connected her to Skye. According to CNN, Ryals said donating her marrow “gave her a sense of purpose.

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Eventually, they began talking and texting. Ryals was getting ready for her wedding and asked Skye’s parents if their daughter could be her flower girl. She popped the question as a special surprise on Skye’s birthday. Her parents said yes, and the rest is history.

ABC News / YouTube

Skye’s mom was truly grateful to Ryals for helping save her daughter's life. Although her daughter may be too young to understand what the woman did, the happy mother says in time, she will get to understand even as she grows in her relationship with Ryals.

I look forward to the years to come with Skye growing up and continuing this relationship with Hayden, and watching Hayden grow up, too.

Skye was clearly delighted to be part of the wedding, and videos of the little girl and her story are already getting a lot of attention on social media.

People like Ryals serve as a constant reminder that despite how bleak life may be, there are still people willing to give as much as they have to save a life or just put a smile on a sad face. We hope Skye gets even better as she grows older.

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