Hurricane Florence Has Landed! Over 10 Million People In Southwestern United States May Be Affected


September 14, 2018 12:02 By Fabiosa

The much-anticipated hurricane Florence has finally landed. It is already raging across the path of several states in the Southwestern United States. Over 10 million people will be affected by this Category 1 storm this year. Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. are likely to experience massive torrents of rain, and even floooding in some areas.

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Right now, it is moving at 5 mph, with sustained winds as high as 90 mph, and is heading in a northwest direction. The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory on September 14, warning residents of central South Carolina that the storm was headed their way on Friday, and would last through Saturday.

A slow motion across portions of eastern and central South Carolina is forecast Friday night through Saturday night.

Hurricane can be particularly damaging, and this one is expected to come with as much as 20-40 inches of rainfall. Also, storm surges could reach as high as 13 feet.

Staying safe during Hurricane Florence

Americans in the path of this possibly devastating storm need to exercise caution and prepare for the worst. Ensure you stock up on enough food and water. Freezing blocks of water is a good safety measure to stop food from spoiling in case the power goes out.

Also, keep your cellphone in a dry plastic bag. It will come in handy if the floodwaters overtake your house. Remember to charge the phone first, though. If you have any pets, make a litter or sod box so that the pets could remain indoors and relieve themselves in comfort and safety.

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Prayers for those in the area

On September 11, President Donald Trump shared this tweet warning Americans in the affected areas to take every precaution necessary to stay safe during hurricane Florence. Also, people not living in the affected areas shared messages, expressing concern for the safety of others.

Usually, during storms like this, people living along the coastal areas suffer the most. We join the Americans in their prayers, and hope that hurricane Florence does not result in loss of lives.

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