She's Amazing! Thanks To Mama, This 5-Year-Old Girl Nailed Her 'Mama Coco' Look To Perfection


September 21, 2018 18:56 By Fabiosa

One animation-loving 5-year-old girl from Houston is making waves on the internet with her early Halloween look. This sweet picture shared by Alejandro Rodriguez on Twitter shows his baby sister in full make-up that made her look exactly like ‘Mama Coco’ from the movie “Coco.”

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Khloe Rodriguez has her mother, Noraelia Rodriguez, 37, to thank for the spectacular look. Speaking in an interview, Noraelia said she decided to do her daughter’s makeup and costume as a way to ease her stress after a long Monday at work. Little did she know that her daughter would become an overnight superstar.

Soon after Alejandro shared the picture, his followers went wild with comments. Already it has gotten over 34k retweets and more than 150k likes. Khloe is a big fan of “Coco” and her mother says the little girl even cries at the end. Aaaw, how sweet.

undefined© Coco (2017) / Walt Disney Pictures

Better each year

With every year that passes, Halloween costumes and makeup seem to be getting much better. While many people still make their own costumes at home, a lot more people to buy them and makeup from stores.

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Former Mythbusters star Adam Savage said in a TED Talk that costumes are much better because most costume manufacturers employ technology that is more advanced. Everybody wants realistic costumes and makeup these days and prosthetic masks are very popular.

Little Khloe did not have a lot to go with, but she still got a lot done with good old home make-up and wardrobe. We think she deserves a round of applause, even though she had to take it all off before going to bed.

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