What Happened To Kindness? Train Passengers Didn't Give This Breastfeeding Mom A Seat

Date September 10, 2018 15:36

Earlier this week, blogger and mother of two Kate Hitchens, shared this picture on Instagram. The picture showed her standing on a crowded train and she was breastfeeding at the same time. In her comments, the 32-year-old shared her story of the incident that raises a lot of questions about kindness today.

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According to Hitchens, nobody offered her a seat while she struggled to feed her hungry baby inside the train. Six-month-old Charlie weighs about 20lbs and Hitchens said it was quite difficult holding on to the baby and feeding him at the same time.

The point here isn't just that I found it difficult because I was nursing, but that not one person offered a mother carrying a small child a seat for three stops. I shouldn't have to ask.

After a while, a lady offered Hitchens her seat, but another passenger quickly rushed to sit down. The kind stranger even tried to explain that she already offered the seat to Hitchens, but the sitting lady just shrugged and put earphones in her ears.

Hitchen’s was trying to get home after missing her train on Tuesday from London to Wickford. For her, the painful part was realizing many people these days do not care about anyone but themselves.

What has the world come to that a mother has to stand up on a moving train breastfeeding a wriggling and writhing six-month-old, 20lb baby?

There are a lot of mixed reactions to Hitchens’ post which she shared on Instagram and Facebook. Some people feel she should have asked for a seat instead of waiting to get offered one. However, the incident was quite upsetting to a lot of other people.

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In the end, Hitchens noted that she would never see someone worse off than she is and not offer her seat. She hopes her experience will be a teaching moment for people on the need to be kind, no matter the situation.

Breastfeeding is a natural thing

Nursing mothers face a hard time in the world today and often get shamed when they try nursing their babies in public. Last month, a Facebook user shared this hilarious story after a woman was asked to cover up while breastfeeding her baby.

The cheeky woman covered-up but not in the way expected, and the post went viral. Fact remains that babies need to be fed and breastfeeding is the most natural way to get them fed. Some people may find it distasteful but then again, in the battle between personal preference and nature, nature usually wins.

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