'Deadliest Catch' Sig Hansen Emotionally Shares His Wife Of 21 Years Is Diagnosed With "A Form Of Cancer"

Date July 22, 2019 16:09

Seeing how your loved one is slowly fading away is one of the hardest and most painful things to experience.

Sigurd Jonny "Sig" Hansen has been featured in the documentary TV series Deadliest Catch, serving as a captain of the vessel and a technical advisor for the production. And maybe his successful career seems to be prosperous and favorable, his personal life has faced some troubles.

Hansen is a devoted husband to wife June and a doting father to two adopted daughters, Nina and Mandy. Sadly, the star shared some gruesome news with his fans — his spouse is diagnosed with cancer.

In one of his latest episodes of Deadliest Catch, Sig and Mandy Hansen sensitivity revealed about the heartbreak:

It sounds like my wife has a form of cancer. We do know that this area on her neck is cancer, we just don't know if there's more. Right now we're waiting for the word to find out how bad it really is.

Sig and June Hansen have been side by side for 21 years. The entire family is worried about their backbone and hopes for better. The star concluded

She's always been there for me, and I will be there for her.

Fans send their wishes and empathies

Let's keep the Hansen family in our thoughts and prayers and hope for June's better future.