Duchess Catherine Reveals Princess Charlotte's Cooking Skills And Her Kids' Food Preferences

Date February 6, 2019

On Tuesday 5, Kate Middleton paid a visit to Lavender Primary School in Enfield, the North of London to meet children and talk about mental health. She was asked to bring something that makes her happy, and guess what? She brought a Christmas card with all her beautiful family. Isn't she a perfect wife and mother? 

Duchess Catherine Reveals Princess Charlotte's Cooking Skills And Her Kids' Food PreferencesGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Duchess Catherine has been on her feet as a royal since her maternity leave's end. Going back and forth across the UK, she attends various social engagements and visits centers as a patron. 

Wait, what? 

The photo wasn't the only thing causing tears and sincere smiles, don't worry. The Duchess of Cambridge gave a very hot tea, revealing Princess Charlotte's cooking skills and food preferences. 




What does a 3-year-old kid want? Cookies? Juice? Beans? Well, theoretically, yes, but not the royal kid. Charlotte craves munching on olives, known for making a pasta sauce from scratch. 

Accordingly, Kate often takes her oldest kids to the kitchen while cooking their "favorite cheesy pasta." And guess what? Princess Charlotte and Prince George can do the pasta cheesy sauce and pizza dough by themselves!




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Gosh, can you believe in that? We doubt the Duchess would have lied, but come on, a 5-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl can make all of this? Time for the Guinness World Record, then!

Reactions of fans 

Indeed, we aren't the ones who are in shock (the good one, no worries). Look at these fans' comments!

The Cambridges definitely rock the UK and the world, as well. With every detail inside their kin, we realize how kind-hearted, intelligent, and unique they are!

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