Meghan's Ex Reportedly Wanted To Launch A Comedy On Their Failed Marriage, And Doria Ragland Had To Confront Him

Date May 15, 2019 16:33

Some mothers become closer to their children after betrayal, whereas others — treat them in a bad way. Megan's mother Doria has been nothing but supportive to her daughter, and even after divorcing from Thomas Markle, Doria remained kind and close to Meghan, unlike the woman in the video:


It comes as no brand-new question that Meghan Markle was once married before Prince Harry. In 2013, Meghan Markle and her ex-husband Trevor Engleson called it quits after the two-year marriage.

Reportedly, the issue of divorce ensued "out of the blue sky" due to the distance, differences in career paths, and other factors. Simply put, their romance ended abruptly for both ex-spouses. 


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A comedy about the divorce 

The Duchess of Sussex has a different life in the United Kingdom with the British royalty, but she has left some loyal friends in the States, including her own mother. 

According to The Sun, the elated mother Meghan Markle asked Doria Ragland for a very serious favor — confront her ex-husband Trevor Engelson, who allegedly wanted to launch a TV comedy about their failed marriage and unexpected divorce. 


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Reportedly, the plot is based on the ex-husband of a British princess, who struggles with the obligation to share custody of their (fictitious) child. 


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The comedy was already underway, but Doria Ragland was believed to successfully intervene to this chaos, as she reportedly maintained an amicable relationship with Trevor. 


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The sincere favor seemingly worked as Engelson reportedly dropped the idea of launching the movie about the two-year marriage and abrupt divorce from Meghan Markle. 

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That's a bit unreasonable to make fun of the failure, considering the fact that the unsuccessful marriage links both to Meghan and Trevor. Don't you think so?