Ex-Miss Universo Uruguay Fatimih Dávila Sosa Tragically Passed Away At 31 In A Mexico City Hotel Room

Date May 6, 2019 11:06

Today, you are here. Tomorrow, you are simply gone. 

Fatimih Dávila Sosa was an Uruguayan model, who became a beauty queen as she won Miss Universo Uruguay back in 2006. Shortly after the victory, Sosa traveled to the USA to represent her homeland in Miss Universe pageant but did not win. Yet, she was quite well-known for some people.


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Tragic demise

May 2 was a dark day for the Sosa kinship — Fatimih was found lifeless in her hotel room in Mexico City. She was only 31.


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City prosecutors identified Fatimih Dávila Sosa, being hanged. However, it is still yet to determine whether or not she committed suicide. 


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Reportedly, the former model came to Mexico City on April 23 for a job interview as she had worked as a model after the 2006 Miss Universo Uruguay victory.


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No more details have been announced yet. City prosecutors are investigating homicide after such a gruesome way of passing away. 

People expressed their condolences

Rest in peace, Fatimih Dávila Sosa. May your next life be more peaceful.