Meghan Markle Makes A Surprising Visit To NYC For A Baby Shower And A Girls' 5-Night Trip

Date February 19, 2019

Ding, ding, ding. Are you here? 'Cause apparently, we aren't. Remember the time when the idea of a baby shower was strictly prohibited for British royals? Well, forget about it. 

Meghan Markle Makes A Surprising Visit To NYC For A Baby Shower And A Girls' 5-Night TripGetty Images / Ideal Image

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Meghan Markle had to refuse dozens of American habits and traditions, and a baby shower wasn't one of them. They say it would damage the image of the family. Ha-ha, so, why would Meghan avoid these 'strict' rules once again? 

The Big Apple 

Just 2 months before the most-awaited event of the decade – the birth of Meghan and Harry's royal baby – the Duchess of Sussex decided to make an unexpected visit to New York City to catch up with her closest friends and throw a baby shower (oops). 


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Reportedly, Meghan Markle will be in the Big Apple for a 5-night trip, hanging out with girls, shopping, and just enjoying good American food

The trip is a lovely chance to catch up with friends and spend time in a city she loves. This will be the last time a lot of them will see Meg until after the baby is born so it’s nice to share precious moments.


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Sources also confirm that friends are throwing a baby shower for our mom-to-be in a private location for 15 guests on Tuesday, February 19. 


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Let us remind you that it's the first time Meghan visits the USA after tying the knot with Prince Harry in May 2018. Besides, she won't have such a privilege to visit her homeland when the baby arrives. So, let Markle enjoy!

Reactions of people 

We have one question: How fast did the Queen allow Meghan Markle to take a solo trip to NYC with the aim of having a baby shower? Any ideas?

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